Stock and Services

Neil's inventory is constantly changing and that's one of the things that always make regular visits to the shop fun. And you'll be guaranteed to find a great representation of almost every toy soldier maker over the last century. Heyde, Mignot, Britains of well as a representation of modern makers including William Hocker. Seldom is there a time when there isn't at least one or two stunning examples of the rarest of finds, things that even the most advanced collector has yet to discover. Rounding out the inventory is Neil's own creations, true to the spirit of toy soldiers past and usually...better!

Custom Work-Conversions and Commissions. If you can dream it, Neil can probably do it. Your Grandfather's Regiment...a Company or Regiment that you wished had update to a favorite've found the artisan to actualize it.

Repairs and Restoration? You bet. There exists no better craftsman then Neil Rhodes. His skill and commitment to restoring damaged and time worn troops is incredible. Shoot him an email or give him a call to discuss your repair and restoration needs.

Sell Neil your soldiers. Ready to decommission all or part of your army? Neil is always interested in purchasing your troops. One soldier or one thousand, contact Neil for a fair offer